MAN F#CKS his Big Sister at the Cabin – MUST READ SEX STORY


I’ve been a pretty normal guy my whole life, but that drastically changed when I hit puberty. I started noticing girls, and one girl in particular. My older sister. She’s two years older than me, and I started getting attracted to her when we were both much younger, ten years ago I think, I’m 23 now. I never told anyone except my best friend, and he understood, so that made me feel better, but I still felt disgusted at myself for thinking about anything like that. I mean, she’s my sister! I can’t be thinking like that.

But anyways, over the years, I started peeking on her when I could. When she changed, when she took a shower, when she bent over to get something in the kitchen. God was she hot. Straight blonde hair, blue eyes, big ass, nice toned legs, flat stomach, and her tits were pretty big, 36C I think.

As we grew up together though, we grew apart, and I understood why, she didn’t want to hang out with her annoying younger brother. But I wanted to be with her, even if it was just watching a movie or something. But growing up apart didn’t change how I felt about her, I wanted to be with her in more ways than one. I wanted to have sex with my older sister.

But jumping to current times, I was going on a trip with my twin cousins Riley, Rachael, and Alice, my sister. The twins are 24, I think, I haven’t seen them in years. Luckily Alice still hadn’t found out about my feelings, which hadn’t gone away from my teenage years, or so I thought.

I show up at her house and saw my cousins cars already there. I get out of mine, and knock on the front door.

“Jake! It’s been forever!” Alice says as she hugs me.

I happily hug her back, “I’ve missed you.” I say, then let go. “Are you gonna invite me in, or just let me die out here?” I joke.

“Oh of course, come on in!” She smiles and waves me in.

I see my cousins sitting on the couch, watching some dumb reality TV show.

“Riley, Rachael! Hey!” I say, and hug them both.

“Hey Jake, it’s been so long.” Riley says, smiling big.

“It has! It’s been what, three years?” Rachael asks.

“About that, yeah.” I say, sitting down with them. “But anyways, when are we gonna leave?”

Alice replies, “About 3:45, so an hour ish.”

“Alright, who’s car are we taking?” I ask, looking at Alice’s breasts for a moment.

“Well, mine obviously.” Alice says, adjusting her shirt a bit to cover her cleavage. “It’s the biggest out of all ours.

“Sounds good.” I smile.

An hour later, at 3:30 everyone puts their bags into Alice’s car, and I drive. Alice sits in the passenger seat, and the twins sit in the back. I drive for somewhere near two and a half hours, and we finally get to our cabin.

I get out, “Anyone need help with their bags?” I ask, grabbing mine.

“Of course we do, were all weak.” Riley jokes.

“Oh so I’m just your personal bellboy now?” I laugh, and grab a few more bags.

“Sure, why not.” Alice smiles, and looks at my crotch, or maybe she didn’t.

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