My Brother Caught Me Fucking His Two Friends


I had been accepted for my beautician’s course. So I took the long bus ride to the city from our country town. Nudging ten thousand people but like any eighteen year old girl I was desperate for the night life of the big city and more guys to choose from. I had sampled the several local guys I thought might be longer term prospects but they were typical blokey: promising everything with erect cocks but in the end, once their end was in and out: typical one night stand pricks. I was after a regular fuck buddy.

My parents insisted I stay with my older brother in his small city flat. He was single and was happy to share the rent he said. I secretly knew he wanted someone to clean up behind him and throw his washing in the machine, lazy bastard.

I found the small Manley apartment block. It was a few streets well back from the beach. However for the monthly rental I knew there would be no water views. Typical Sean, he was out surfing I suppose. The place was empty. I hadn’t actually expected him to even be there to greet me. Luckily the sod had sent me a key in the mail. I put my stuff in the obvious smaller spare bedroom, made myself a black coffee because there was no milk and turned on the TV and bored flicked the channels. It was only two in the afternoon…I was a young woman…I needed some girly action beyond reruns of home cooking shows.

The beach…hit the beach girl…I said to myself. I had a reasonable one piece that showed off my curves sufficiently. Well I had to take my own judgment on that, there were no decent mirrors in the place, not even in the grotty bathroom. A bikini mum wouldn’t approve of was top of my mental shopping list.

I was trying to check out my own arse unsuccessfully. Oh you know: making sure nothing wasn’t showing…that shouldn’t be showing…I hadn’t done a decent girly shave in a while down there and I have such dark hair. My legs were sleek; as were my armpits. I really should shave my pubes, I told myself, but I wanted the beach more. Well actually I wanted to see if I could find a half decent fuck buddy.

I had just got my long hair up in a high ponytail, when there was knocking at the door. Someone was after Sean no doubt.

I could have got a decent towel out of my duffle bag to put around my waist but the knocking was insistent. I certainly wasn’t touching or wrapping myself in the sad excuse for a towel scrunched and smelly hanging over the bath tub shower curtain.

There were two strapping guys at the door tall and broad. Hot guys and they were looking for Sean. Both were in singlets and board shorts. They were too easily distracted by a  young girl in a bathing suit. Mmm, maybe a fuckbuddy was here. Ah a girl loves a choice of guys.

It was hot they looked like they needed a beer. I had seen the fridge was well stocked in that department. No fruit. No vegies, no milk but plenty of the cool amber fluid.

We all did the brief intros the taller was Freddy and the broader was Jerry.

“I’ll get you a beer” I said, inviting them in to wait for my brother’s return.

“Thanks Rebecca” said Jerry, which I thought was promising, he remembered my name and hadn’t shortened it to Becky or Bec, like most pricks without asking first.

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